Free Downloads

An index of all .pdfs and other downloadable goodies.

Basic Fantasy Character Tumbler

A free (speech-and-beer/CC BY) character funnel/tumbler for use in Basic Fantasy or any other OSR game (with a bit of hacking).

B/X D&D Quick Reference Sheet

A handy, single-page summary of the key rules and tables for the Moldvay-Cook Basic/Expert D&D rules.

Cleric Spells for a Dying Earth

A more truly “Vancian” spell list for clerics in Dying Earth-style settings. Suitable for B/X and basically any retroclone.

Compendium of Creepier Creeps

A series of creepy (mostly) monsters, usable in most any OSR-compatible ruleset.

GP-as-XP in Basic Fantasy

Use one of the best OSR mechanics—earning experience for treasure found—in one of the best OSR games.

IDA0: The Plague-Stricken Halls

Catholic goblins! Horrible zombies! Skeleton-ripping magic rings! A free CC BY adventure for Swords & Wizardry. Go download it now!

Space Fantasy Sheet

A .svg character sheet that includes an excessively-elaborate, Final Fantasy X-style grid advancement system. Another CC BY resource, so please reuse.