B-X Quick Reference Sheet

I finally—finally!—started running Moldvay-Cook B/X recently. I went whole-hog: I printed out the pdfs, hole-punched them, carefully interleaved them with a few sheets of house rules, neatly separated each chapter with binder dividers. I even printed out the covers in full-color, and slipped them in plastic sleeves.

I am really living large. And I am loving this ruleset. But there’s just no getting around it: These rules are… idiosyncratically organized (at best). The key tables and rules are scattered across body text, in three or four chapters, and it really slows me down at the table.

The existing B/X reference sheets were all a bit too long for me; and perhaps more to the point, I decided I needed a B/X quick ref when I was away from a printer, and had only grid paper and pen. So I copied a bunch of tables. By hand.

This one has all the classics: Attack Matrices, a Fighter Saves chart, even a summary of the key rules about doors and light sources that I always seem to forget (A note on the doors: I wrote that 2/6 doors are stuck; I think I picked that up from Stonehell, not M/C. Ignore if you wish.).

Hope you find it useful!


.png version (warning: huge file)

.pdf version