OSR Blogroll

Short and sweet: Tweet awesome OSR blogposts using hashtag #OSRblogroll. I’ve already started; check that out @InfiniteDragons.

What’s an OSR1 devotée to do, if they prefer their news aggregation come via Twitter? Seriously, I swear every OSR blogger is as old school about RSS and Google Reader as they are about their roleplaying games.

You see, I adore the older roleplaying games, and I might just like OSR bloggers even more. The creativity in the community is astounding (see the Dungeon Dozen, for example, which posts creative new uses for your d12 every few days). The commitment to historical research is just as impressive, occasionally even scary: Check out Playing at the World, the sister blog for the acclaimed 700-page history of D&D.

And yet, while I attempt to swim through all this stuff, I find myself encumbered by masses of RSS tangleweed. I don’t want to check fifteen RSS feeds, or a feed aggregator, or fifteen individual webpages. I want it on Twitter! I propose a Twitter hashtag to remedy this: #OSRblogroll. When you find an awesome OSR blog post, Tweet it, and use #OSRblogroll to help the rest of us find it!

  1. OSR=Old School Renaissance (sometimes Roleplaying). The recent move in game fan circles towards games reminescent of the pre-third-edition D&D. Different tribes of the OSR incline towards different eras and systems; personally, I’m a fan of the Original D&D (for a fun read), Basic D&D (for play/rules inspiration), and the OSR-alike Basic Fantasy, for most of my gameplay.